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Posted by Caroline Mullis on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Under: Harvest

Variety, along with maturity, are the two most important factors that influence the quality and taste of olive oil. In 2005, while planting vineyards on the Domaine des Dieux farm, we decided to include olive trees in our planting and chose 3 olive varieties specifically grown for producing quality olive oil:  Frantoio, Coratina and Leccino. The aim was not only to be able to pick and press olives for olive oil, but also to provide a windbreaker for the vineyards, assist with soil erosion and enhance the beauty of the farm. The olive tree is one of the hardiest trees, it is able to survive under strenuous conditions, thrive in most soils, retain leaves all year round and most importantly bear fruits for many years, making it an obvious choice as an addition to our ever growing farm.

The production of olive oil dates back to 3000 BC but to this day it is still an essential item to have in your kitchen. Not only is it considered one of the healthiest oils to help reduce bad cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease, but it also enhances the taste of just about anything it accompanies, while still lending its own flavour to each and every dish. Olive Oil is an ingredient which can be used in more ways than one: a dressing for a salad, a base for antipasti, sauces, the base of cooked dishes, spicing of your meat, to name but a few. Good quality olive oil can be expensive but a little goes a long way and is definitely worth keeping in the kitchen.

On Domaine des Dieux we recently did our 7th harvest of olives, getting the whole team involved with ladders, rakes and nets. This was a very successful harvest as crop was up from last year and we had a consistent ripeness throughout the olives. The precious cargo was taken up the road to Breëvlei farm where it was pressed and ready to be bottled for release. All in all, it was another great year for olives, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can taste the fruits of our labour by purchasing a 250ml bottle of our estate grown, cold pressed olive oil from the tasting room for R40 a bottle.

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